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Your grandparents may tell you that a picture is worth a thousand words, but that was before video took over as the dominant visual medium.  We live in a world where people read as little as possible and static pictures just don’t hold their attention.  Video can entertain, educate and tell your story in a way that inspires, informs and directs the viewer to take action.  To many people, if it doesn’t exist on video, it’s not worth checking out.

Of course, just as a great video can bring your brand to new levels of awareness, a poorly made video can have the opposite effect.  A video project needs to tell a story by trained storytellers and the production team must know how to translate that story into visual elements.  The video production team at Captivation Media has produced hundreds of videos for satisfied clients across the United States.  Whether you need a full video production, post-production work or desire a crew to capture footage on location, our dedicated team will provide the expertise and the creative inspiration to make your video stand out from the crowd.

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