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How To Attract and Keep Donors

One of the most important aspects of running a non-profit business is acquiring donors. Without donors, it would be impossible to stay up and running. So how do you differentiate yourself from any other non-profit in order to attract a donor? While some donors may have a soft-spot for specific causes, it often depends more […]

Tips to Monetize Your Website As A Non-Profit

 If you’re a non-profit organization, monetizing your website can be quite the challenge. Luckily, there are a few ways to bring in a bit of a cash flow, allowing your website to grow and become something amazing. Should I Use Ads On My Non-Profit Website? Ads are one of the most popular and easiest ways […]

Tailoring Your Message to A Unique Audience

How Do I Find My Target Audience? One of the most important aspects of marketing is identifying your target audience. Adjusting your advertising techniques depending on who you’re trying to reach is crucial, as nothing is more powerful than relating to your clientele. Think about it: you wouldn’t advertise a specific brand of cereal to […]

Keeping Your Website Up To Date

Why Should I Keep My Website Up To Date? Being a business-owner requires you to have 3 brains and 8 arms; there is always something that needs to get done. While updating your website might seem like it should be low on the priority list, it most certainly shouldn’t. Keeping your website up to date […]

The Marketing Secret to Social Media

When Should I Update My Social Media Accounts? Most people understand the importance of using social media as a way of promoting their company, but aren’t exactly sure how much they should share and how frequently they should post. Social media posts should be updated as needed; therefore, if you have nothing new to say, […]

Choosing the Right Digital Agency

Your business has been growing. You’ve put in long hours, so much that you doubt your spouse could pick you out of a police line-up. You’ve handled the local marketing efforts as best you could, considering no one really has a background in the subject. You see a bright future for your company. But growing […]

Doctors Hospital of Sarasota – You’re Number One

When Doctor’s Hospital wanted to incorporate a message into their marketing campaign about their patients being number one, they turned to Captivation Media to produce a video they could use for social media, in-house and various other marketing mediums. The video, hosted by Doctors Hospital’s CEO Bob Meade, briefly discusses why the patient is number […]

Designing Women Boutique of Sarasota- History and Overview

Designing Women Boutique is a high-end consignment shop that benefits many charitable organizations and non-profits. Designing Women asked us to produce a video overview of the company for an upcoming gala. We interviewed co-founder, Jean Weidner Goldstein, and shot footage at their boutique, then edited the content into the following video.

Whitney Stewart Inspires: Commercial A, B & C – Boys & Girls Clubs

The team at Captivation Media was proud to have produced Whitney Stewart’s Youth of the Year candidate video. After Whitney won the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s National Youth of the Year competition, the Sarasota chapter of the Boys & Girls Clubs chose us to go back to the North Port club and interview […]

Emergency Room Orientation, Englewood Community Hospital

When Englewood Community Hospital wanted an ER orientation video produced, they turned to Captivation Media to make it happen. The crew spent a day filming in the Emergency Room and recording the voice-over with the Medical Director of Emergency services (Dr. Raymond James) and the Director of Emergency Services (Kim Santucci). The video will now […]

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