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The Importance of Original and Unique Content

There’s a lot of elements needed to make your online presence stand out from the crowd, but none are more important than original, quality content.  The right content has the power to educate, inform, enlighten, entertain and motivate your web visitors to take action.  Content is the difference between an internet user engaging with your […]

Do You Have a Crash Plan?

You build a great website.  Sales grow moderately.  Everything is going well.  Then, from out of the blue, a major celebrity begins to use your product.  A buzz is created… a really big buzz.  Your product is in high demand.  Suddenly, the world is beating a path to your website.  Sounds like the perfect scenario, […]

Five Tips for Creating Effective Website Content

We get asked a lot about web content and the type of material their potential customers are really looking for.  First of all, original content is much more valuable than articles that have already been circulated around the web.  There’s no reason why people need to come to your site if they can find the […]

The Importance of Reviews

So how do you go about getting these reviews? Here are 4 simple ways: Ask them – just ask your customers if they’d be happy to leave a review Make it easy – provide them with a link, even give them instructions about how to do it Provide an incentive – entry into a prize […]

A Guide to Facebook Insights

Having a Facebook Page for your business can be fun and exciting, especially when you watch your number of ‘Likes’ grow and fans interacting with your posts.  But how do you determine if your Page is really a success, who is actually engaging with you and if the content you’re posting is effective or not?  […]

Minimize Clicks to Maximize Profits

Okay, let’s say you’re looking for a certain product and you’ve just performed a Google search and found a prospective website.  CLICK.  You land on the splash page.  You CLICK on ‘enter site’.  After looking around the home page, you find the products tab.  CLICK.  Now, you’re on the products page.  There are a lot […]

Calculating Your Marketing ROI

If you’re like most people, you closely watch your investments, measuring and monitoring them to get the maximum return on your money.  You also compare your current investments to other potential opportunities in the marketplace.  However, when it comes to small business owners creating their marketing campaigns, many of us don’t feel the need to […]

Three Things to Supercharge Your Website

With over 2 billion internet users in the world, the online marketplace continues to expand.  However, the competition for internet sales is as tough as it’s ever been.  The marketplace continues to evolve.  It’s not easy to keep potential customers on your website with just text and images anymore.  Furthermore, it’s not easy to convince […]

Crowdfunding: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Often times, financing a startup project is an impossible hill to climb for entrepreneurs, artists and small business ventures.  There is an option that many people are choosing today, thanks to popular sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.  It’s called crowdfunding. What Is Crowdfunding? In basic terms, crowdfunding (also called crowd financing & crowd sourced capital) […]

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